Choosing a Doggy Day Care


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Choosing a doggy daycare

Did you know Cambridgeshire Canine Creche has a 5 star licence from Fenland Council? But do you know why that’s so important?

Any dog daycare businesses, including people operating as part of a franchise, are now required to monitor all dog behaviour, company and the environment in which they are cared for. For a dog daycare to be fully licensed, in their care, your dog must be:

  • Assessed before they can go to the daycare provider to make sure they are not scared, anxious or stressed around other dogs and people.
  • Able to access an area where they can go to the toilet when they want to.
  • Able to access an area where they can avoid seeing people or other dogs if they choose to.
  • Daycare providers aspiring to even higher standards will also document the interactions your dog has with people throughout the day.

As always, if you feel that these conditions aren’t being met, we urge you to walk away (taking your dog with you) and file a report to the kennel’s local council. You can visit CGSG online to find out more about how your dog should be looked after while in dog daycare.

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