Adult Dog Training

Adult dog training

For dogs from 6 months and older we offer ability based training sessions on Saturday mornings.  These are held at our creche in March. 

These classes will teach your dog (and you) new skills and improve existing ones. It is a fun way to spend time building a relationship with your dog whilst also meeting other people. Every week we will cover different exercises. 

We have three sessions available, basic obedience, intermediate obedience and advanced training.  

If it's your first time training with us, please complete our online registration form before booking your course.


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Which Course is Right for my Dog?

BASIC OBEDIENCE - Unless you've already done quite a bit of formal training with your dog, it's probably a good idea to start with our basic obedience class.  It's always good to go over the basics.  If in your first week our dog training expert, Nikki Hopkin, feels that you would be better suited to a different class she'll let you know and will move you across.  Our basic obedience class runs from 8.50-9.50am on Saturday mornings.  These classes are designed for dogs and owners that are struggling with basic obedience problems, for those just wanting to progress their dogs training or for those simply wanting to build their relationship with their dog.

INTERMEDIATE TRAINING CLASSES -  are held from 10-11am on Saturday mornings.  These classes are perfect for those who have completed our adult beginner class.  We start working towards both IMDT grade 1 & 2 during these classes.  We cover everything covered in beginner classes in more detail, this includes making the exercises more challenging by adding distractions.

ADVANCED TRAINING -  is held from 11.10am-12.10pm on Saturday mornings.  These classes work towards IMDT grade 3.  These classes improve and test your handling skills as well as your dogs ability to perform cues for long periods of time with high distractions.  Only dogs who have done at least 1 term of our intermediate training will be considered for these classes.

How to Book

Our adult dog training courses run in 6 week terms and are £30 per term.  At the end of each term, our dog training expert, Nikki Hopkin, will let you know whether to book your next term in the same class or if you're ready to progress to the next ability level.

If it's your first time training with us, please complete our new customer registration form (click below) before booking your course.  You will also need to bring your current vaccination certificate to the first week of the course.


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