The Creche


Our award winning custom designed dog day care centre will provide your much loved pet with a place to socialise, exercise and play all day!  You don’t need to feel guilty anymore that your precious dog is left alone all day whilst you work, bring them to Cambridgeshire Canine Creche and pick up your tired , well looked after and happy dog when you are finished.   
Your dog will be excited to visit again!

About the Creche

Do you have to leave your dog on their own regularly?  Is he/she getting enough exercise?  Is he/she getting enough mental stimulation?

The answer is probably no. A common cause of behavioural problems in dogs such as destructive behaviour and excitability is that they are not getting the attention , mental stimulation and exercise that they need.

At Cambridgeshire Canine Creche we provide your dog with a safe and fun environment where they will be closely monitored and played with by staff all day long while they also exercise and socialize with other dogs that are matched in temperament. Your dog will enjoy play time where they get to run a round and play fun suitable games with their canine pals ,agility games, water games, ball games, football… the list is endless!  Our custom designed dog day care indoor and outdoor areas are filled with play equipment that will amuse and stimulate your dog all day!

You can drop your dog off for the full working day or half the day. On return you will collect a happy and content dog that would be happy to visit again.


Inside creche
Outside creche

A Typical Day at Creche

Every day is different and tailored towards the variety of dogs we have in on that day. We do however guarantee that everyday dogs will enjoy kennel-free indoor and outdoor play time with other dogs. This includes games designed by the staff at the Creche. We often hold themed weeks where the dogs will enjoy different activities; these include football games, tennis games and even fancy dress for some fun pictures of your dog!

For dogs that enjoy some down time or alone time we have two separate quiet rooms filled with a variety of beds and low lighting, perfect for a dog that likes a mid-day nap or just some peace and quiet for a while before re-joining the group for more play time!

A day at creche is very much tailored to each dog, if you have any questions regarding what services we can offer your dog please do not hesitate to call us or pop in to speak to us in person!

See images of all the fun our creche dogs have on our Facebook page.



Joining Creche & How to Book Sessions

All dogs joining our creche are fully temperament tested to ensure all the animals in our care are as safe as possible.  If you'd like your dog to come along and join in the fun we'll need you to complete an application form as well as provide us with a copy of their vaccination card (all our creche dogs must be fully vaccinated including kennel cough).   We'll then book your dog in for a temperament test, this is free of charge and will take around 30 minutes.

The Temperament Test

During the test we'll take your dog into the creche to assess how they act around other dogs.  They will meet a few of our creche dogs through a gate so they can see them and smell them, we will then assess their body language and take them through on a lead. If they’re happy we will then let them off and bring you through to the creche to watch them playing and having fun! 


Whether your dog has just passed their temperament test or has been coming for a while, if you'd like to book a session at our creche, please click 'Book Creche Sessions' below.  We will release slots for the upcoming month around 2 weeks before the start of the new month (keep an eye on Facebook for notificaitons that the new date is about to be released) spaces are sold on a first come first served basis.  If you want a space in the next 48 hours, or there is no availability on the day/s you would like a session,  please message us via Facebook or email us at  If your dog hasn't attended creche before, please click below to book a temperament test.


We will occassionally offer discounted creche sessions - keep an eye on our Facebook page to ensure you don't miss out.


We're so very proud of and grateful for all those amazing people out there that serve our country so if you are in the armed forces, the emergency services or are a nurse or doctor please let us know by showing us some id and we'll gladly provide you with a discount code to be used against all our products and services.


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Puppies at the Creche

Puppies are more than welcome at creche and it’s a brilliant way to socialize your puppy.

Puppies have a different routine to our older creche dogs. This is because puppies cannot be over exercised. They receive many more breaks than our older dogs and where at all possible we prefer puppies to only do half days. But if a full day is needed we can accommodate this. 


Birthdays at the Creche

At the creche we celebrate all our dogs birthdays, they will enjoy their very own birthday party with their canine pals.

Creche birthdays