The Academy

Our new academy offers training to dogs of  all ages.  Whether it's puppy training, general obedience or advice with a particular problem we can help.  We offer one to one training, classes and courses.

Nikki is a full member of the Institute of modern dog trainers and all of our training is in line with their code of ethics which means its taught using positive reinforcement, all of our techniques are force free and aimed at building a better relationship between dogs and their owners! 

For the Puppies

For puppies of all breeds we offer puppy training classes as well as our 'Puppy Socialisation Club'.

Puppies can attend once they have been fully vaccinated.  Our puppy classes are a 6 week course aimed at making your puppy confident, well-mannered and ready to take on life in the human world!

Our puppy courses also help owners to understand how to communicate better with their puppy.

We teach all the basic life skills your puppy will need such as recall, loose lead, basic obedience, etc.


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Adult Dog

Adult Training Classes

We run classes for adult dogs too. These classes are aimed at having fun with your dog whilst learning new skills or refreshing existing ones.

We also work towards the IMDT partnership grades 1,2 and 3. Please contact us for class dates and availability. 


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One to One Training

One to One training is available for those who wish to spend time having their dog trained privately.

This is good for those who feel their dog may struggle to focus in a group environment or just want a session focusing on one specific thing.

All one to ones include a follow up report on the exercises that are covered and continued support. We can either come to you or you can bring your dog to us.


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One to one